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Great review, Sierra.


Robert Burdock

Hi there Sierra,
That's a nice bag for your LS (even though it screams 'I'm carrying an expensive computer - Mug Me!' :o)). Maybe it's just my perspective on the pictures (which are excellent BTW) but that phone sitting in its 'snug' holder is making me cringe (in the same manner that one cringes when a sharp point comes too near the eye). Is the phone, when the case is closed, not presenting a potential hazard to that vulnerable Tablet screen?

Anyway I've probably scared you to death now on two accounts (mugging and accidental screen breakage) so I'd better leave it at that...sorry!

Congratulations on the new blog and may I take the opportunity to wish Mobile Musings all the very best of success


Hi Robert - no worries here. I don't actually carry my phone in the slot. I wanted to show that it could be done, but as I mentioned, it makes the fit a bit too snug for my taste. If you have a skinny phone, it probably wouldn't be a problem, but my Blackberry is thick.
The case really doesn't scream I'm carrying an expensive computer for the simple fact that it is "too small". People don't expect a computer in this bag. They expect a day planner. The whole case is still smaller than most other people's laptops with no case, so it just doesn't register. I came across that at TechEd when people would be surprised when I opened my case.

Robert Burdock

Hi Sierra,
Thanks for responding. You've calmed my panicking heart on both concerns :o) In regards to your phone 'snug fit but still doable' I read it as it was a snug fit but your were still doing it so sorry about that. As for the case I can see how small it is now when I look at your hand in comparison..that's impressively small enough not to attract attention. Glad you enjoyed TechEd

Tony M

Hi Sierra,

Now that it has been a few months since you acquired this, I was wondering if you have an update on how practical it has been and if you are still using it?

I'm looking for an inexpensive way in which I can bring my LS800 into meetings in a very low tech environment without calling excessive attention to myself.

Thanks in advance...

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