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Thank you for sharing the information.

Congratulation on your new blog. Will look forward to reading many interesting stuffs.

A quick question, how would you go about safely handle/protect a bare drive from static shock and or other potential harms to the bare drive?

I just don't know enough about this right now.

Thanks in advance,


John - I'm probably a little cavalier when it comes to static shock protection. The best I generally do is touch something metal first to shock me. I do generally keep things in static bags, since I have piles of them laying around. I'd just put the drive on top of a static bag while in use and hope for the best.
For what it is worth, in all of my problems in the past, I've only had one thing go bad because of static shock, and I was on carpet with no protection in the winter. I was asking for trouble. :)


Thank you Sierra, that makes sense. Plus its should probably be just a temporary activity. Will keep your experience in mind when I get to play with mine.


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